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Zuhura Othman Soud popularly known as Zuchu continues to rise in his musical career which has brought him many good things. The WCB musician, who has not completed a year in the music business, has now been appointed as the tourism ambassador for Zanzibar in Tanzania, Tanzania.

The island of Zanzibar is relatively independent and has its own government which is headed by President Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi and there is a cabinet but generally the island is the empire of Tanzania so the Tanzanian government is called the “union government”.

Zuchu published the certificate of appointment which he was promoted by the Minister of Tourism in Zanzibar Ms. Lela Muhamad Mussa. He was announced at a press conference to officially launch a sanitation campaign aimed at boosting tourism in Zanzibar.

The daughter of the musician Khadija Kopa who is a native of Zanzibar Swahili is very happy to be given the job while promising that she will advertise tourist attractions on the island around the world.

In the video he posted, he and others like Minister Lela are seen on the beach where they aim to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and attract more tourists.

The latest album from Zuchu under the name ‘Sugar’ has been loved by many as it has been viewed many times on the YouTube channel and listened to by many also on online music marketing platforms.


Zuchu Zanzibar tourism ambassador! – National Radio

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