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They say the friend he needs is a real friend and Kenyan-cum-radio presenter Oga Obinna has proven this to be true.

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The best comedian has gifted his longtime friend Prince Chack a new car.

Taking her social media platforms today, April 22, Obinna revealed that Chak was with her for her when she was miserable and it was time for her to give her back.

Taking the opportunity to reveal that her friend is a top dancer and musician, Oga recounted what their friendship was like.

“Congratulations kaka. Short Story Quick.🔥🔥💯👌🏿. I met this gentleman many months again when I was suffering in Nairobi. He was teaching me how to play and we would try and do street shows, club shows, etc. I am Obinna and she is Prince Chak (formerly LilChak) she is a top dancer, MC, and musician, ”he wrote in part.

Obinna explained that Chak is a loyal friend who is always available to support his projects.

“Wherever I am, he is always around, dealing with things. He has been very loyal and a good friend to me.”

The comedian said he had decided to give a car to his faithful friend as a gift because he knew he was saving money to buy one for his business.

Hen When the hit and closure of Covid there was not much to do in the entertainment that involved us being at the club play, etc. Times have been tough for everyone. He has been telling me how he saves for the taxi business that he wants a car so he can hire someone. I listened to him and encouraged him to keep saving a little he knew I had a plan to give him this small gift (One day I will start giving gifts to the big machine 🙈) ”explained ge.

And being a humorous person, Obinna advised her friend to go to a driving school, after discovering that she could not even drive.

“I DIDN’T KNOW CHAK CANNOT DRIVE” He almost ran over on other customers’ cars…. Congratulations, Chak and now go to driving school… ”he teased.

Chak, for his part, could not hide his excitement. She took to her social media platforms to appreciate her friend.

“Thank you very much. I’m out of words. So, I have been telling my friend how I need a car how about us, I have been working with Obinna for over 10 years now. I have been telling him ‘one day we have to make a lot of money and we give each other cars and house gifts we stop this saying just thank you to each other. “

Before his great joy, Cak was very worried as his friend would not wish him a happy birthday when he was 30 years old the other day.

However, he was not forgotten as his friend had good plans for him and now he is the happiest person.

“So it has been my 30th birthday (April 14). I wondered why he didn’t wish me a happy birthday so little I knew he had other plans. .. that, o thank you thank you very much. I still don’t believe this. I feel like I’m in a dream world, and with this Covid, it’s hard even to have anyone give you anything, ”he concluded.

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