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Will Smith enters into a contract with You Tube as he embarks on a journey to lose weight


American actor Will Smith posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account explaining that he gained weight due to how he was eating during isolation because of the Corona virus.

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He said he loves his body but would like to be better while interrupting the eating feature even at midnight. It was then that he revealed that his journey to getting a better body and getting healthier would be in partnership with the You Tube network.

In 2019, Will Smith spoke of his body weight which he said was above normal and expressed interest in launching a plan to reduce it.

He was interviewed by his wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the time on his Ted Table Talk show where he revealed that he was eating five small cakes for breakfast, and he was drinking a mixture of alcohol that he developed for ten days in a row.

At that time his weight reached 225 pounds equivalent to 102 kg.

Smith, 52, who has been hailed as one of the most beautiful men in the world, said that weight gain was due to the holidays.

He opened up and confessed that for 50 years of existence on earth he did not know that man is what he eats that is the body will show how one eats. He said he relied on food as others rely on drugs.

He ate to pass the time and happy times as well.

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