Why Kenyan Women Drop Pants Faster for Nigerian Men


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Last week, the Country was treated to another Femicide when a Nigerian man was linked to the death of his Kenyan girlfriend. The cerebral, stunning lawyer identified as Elizabeth Koki had her life allegedly snuffed out of her by her live-in West-African boyfriend.

Her body was found by her domestic worker at her Syokimau home while the ostensible perpetrator was sneaking about in her car. This is not the first time a Nigerian Man-Kenyan woman relationship ended either in death or chaos. But still, Kenyan women would drop their fake ‘educated, emancipated, miss independent’ standards for any random ‘Obasanjo’ who probably just vaunts an accent and beard.

See, Kenyan damsels have a thing for foreigners, in fact, bedding a man outside the ‘Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki” is like acquiring a badge of honor; remember how ‘haggard’ Mike Oliver flipped them like pancakes on a Sunday morning? Yes, West African men also get our sisters drooling in dazed fantasy. While our Kenyan men get served ‘men are trash’ tweets, a buffet of blue ticks, and endless, ignored “hi”s in the DMs, the same women would trek from here to Timbuktu in heels just to hook up with an oga thus making them easy prey for smooth-talking con artists.

Often, the excuses from the Nairobi mamacitas is that the Ogas go the extra mile to win and keep the attention of women, not to mention their charming chivalry and sense of sartorial elegance, as well as investing in great masculine fragrances. These cover-up for the fact that most look like South African Xhosa bushmen.

Our women also feel Nigerian ‘brodas’ are the Europeans of Africa. While Kenyan men are soaked neck-deep into toxic masculinity and would not even moan in bed, let alone say “I love you” unless they are drunk, these kiths and kin of Chinua Achebe are not afraid to express their emotions, be it on the dance floor, at a date or even at home.

And no, they will not be like “babe kwani bado umejam,” after an argument, they will post a serious apology for any wrongdoing. If he loves you, he would want the whole world to know. Most women drawn to Babatundes also claim they are bullies where it matters- the bedroom. They will not leave you to ‘cum’ on your way home while twitching your nipples like a radio knob in the name of foreplay. They will always make sure that you are satisfied first before they get ‘there.” Apparently, they are adventurous, open-minded, and willing to try out new ideas just to spice up the sex life as opposed to our Kamaus and Samoeis who think ‘raha kila mtu ajipe mwenyewe.’

Kenyan women are known to bend rules and tolerate things from Nigerian men that if it were to be asked of them by the Omondis, Musyokas, women empowerment crusaders and feminists would tweet all days and even take to the streets.

It is a little wonder that while they are tripping over the Naija boys, Nigerian men on the other hand go for them for very different reasons. To them, Kenyan women are easy to net and lay. In fact, controversial businessman Anthony Chinedu before his 2013 deportation claimed “We are doing Kenya a favor by marrying their women. I have never heard of a Kenyan man marrying a Nigerian…”

These men have been on record declaring that it’s “cheaper” to maintain a Kenyan woman than a Naija babe. Wooing a Nigerian woman is like skinning a cat. A Kenyan woman on the other hand just needs a few of the panty dropper drinks and she will be staring at your ceiling the same night.

In Nigeria, women do not spend a dime in a nightclub. Nigerian men are taken by Kenyan women who have so embraced empowerment that they are willing to foot bills just to appear woke and independent.

A Nigerian woman who spoke to Jalang’o TV said,’ “In Nigeria, it’s almost obvious that women don’t spend on men in a nightclub. Our men take care of us and that’s their responsibility. It does not necessarily mean that you will go home and sleep with him. It’s just our culture. A man should provide for you, your friends and family if possible,”

Well, in Kenya, modern women especially in Nairobi are willing breadwinners. As long as they find a foreign man they can flaunt on social media with relationship goals hashtags. Exactly why Nigerian men migrate in droves to be kept by willing Kenyan women. Also, Kenyan women are less choosy and are careless. They do not give a hoot about background checks and will move in with a Nigerian man even if he is a peddler, pimp, or con artist- as long as he can buy her Peruvian weaves and pay for vacations for Insta stories.

Ladies, two Igbo sayings even as you continue to scramble for Nigerian men: A word is enough for the wise. Two, “shine your eyes well well ooohhh.”


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