Why Every Man Should Join The Trending ‘Stingy Men Association’ This January


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It started with an Instagram post by Nigerian Music mogul Don Jazzy a few days ago. Today, it is trending for humor purposes and the memes are to die for.

But outside the social media razzmatazz, I endorse the tenets of the movement. Men should embrace being a little tight-fisted. Especially this January. Imagine January with its 48 days coming in the midst of a pandemic.

Listen, modern women have morphed into fat, wiggling leeches. They want shortcuts despite the advantages empowerment has given them. They have similar and even better opportunities at education, job opportunities, Government and non-governmental stimuli yet, most of them, especially young women would rather have a coterie of men to finance their expensive lifestyles.

They have commercialized relationships and it is disheartening.

The thing that goes through a woman’s mind, no matter how independent she is, is this:

“If he loves me, he will give me money.”

But the problem is, many men – understandably and rightly – do not want to feel “put on the spot” to help out their girlfriend like this.

You are a girlfriend and NOT a wife. And that’s where things are different between girlfriend and wife!

Bottom line: just because we have a guy in our lives, we should not ever expect him to help us out, and should not be upset with him if he doesn’t, because no man wants to feel like a meal ticket. And there are women who use men like meal tickets.

Women may feel that a man proves his love with his wallet. Mass media and Westernized romance has taught a lot of women, that a man spending lavishly on you is “the perfect relationship;” even “love.” After all, isn’t “being taken care of” the big goal?

What women do not realize is that financial support is a power play, subtle or overt. Because whoever has the gold makes the rules. So instead of remarks like “I cannot date a broke man,” how about “I am going to work hard so that I do not be broke.”

And the gents, unless you were raised by rats, you cannot buy women expensive weaves and clothes while your mother walks in tatters in the village. If she cannot buy her own weave, let her keep it natural, short, or go for cheaper hairstyles

Instead of paying for nudes, subscribe to pornhub, it is cheaper. Then save the money and invest. Cement is cheaper than the terrific Tuesday pizza you buy every week for a girl who is dating four other men.

Spend what you can afford, within your means on your woman, but it should not be a condition. If it becomes an ultimatum then she is in business and you are buying her meat. Why not just go on Koinange street then? Same thing- willing buyer, willing seller, no?

Listen, times are hard for everyone. Do not take loans just to please a woman who is not your wife or mother. There’s nothing manly in suffering to please a girl. It just shows you are a sissy with zero masculinity tenets and with self-esteem issues.

If she can’t accept you with your present condition, if she is not willing to grow with you, if she cannot work for her coins and yours just be complementary, a bonus, then she ain’t worth your time, feelings, or intellect. Shoo the leech. Let her go feast on someone else


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