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One of the members of the band Sauti Sol, Willis Austin Chimano, recently appeared in a costume that provided a complete statement of fashion. Colleagues in Kenya’s Afro-pop band declared her the ‘Beyonce’ of the group.

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“Sheeesh! This shoot officially strengthens @ iamchimano’s position as Beyonce of the group, “read a letter from Sauti Sol.

Chimano stunned the crowd with his designed butterfly suit designed by Tanga Designs, an attractive fashion brand based and based in Rwanda. Sharing the post on his Instagram page, he, however, did not forget to realize that he had been created by the self-proclaimed “grandfather” of fashion icons, Brian Babu.

She wore the dress in her new collaboration with popular Zimbabwean singer Gemma. True, Chimano always had a high level of taste when it comes to how he wears an extreme style unlike many who still remain with the genius and style as long as “rude”.

The deep voice of the singer is what makes him stand out in the group. The fun part about it is that way before Sauti Sol was created, Chimano won the Fete de la Musique annual music competition. It was held at the French Cultural Center in Nairobi. He ran while still studying French.

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