‘When You Are Done Fighting, Let Me Know,’ Diamond Tells Hamisa and His Mother


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It is difficult to handle two women you care about but who are embroiled in beef.

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Mama Dangote has had long drawn out issues with Hamisa Mobetto, one of the singer’s baby mamas.

In his now-viral Wasafi Fm interview, Diamond was asked whether he intended to help the two mend fences. The ‘Eneka’ singer said he had better stuff to do and prefers to let the two handle this issue on their own.

” I tell them, if they are done, they will let me know,’

He added that each of them plays an important role in his life but that they are grown and mending things should first start with themselves,

The singer asked the mother of one of his three sons to tame her ego and respect the elderly.

“At the end of the day, these are our parents, if you feel she has wronged you, do not create n environment where you are guided by your ego, when an elder has wronged you, do not compete with them…I try my best not to get to their fights

The genesis of the drams was when Hamisa was reportedly sent packing by Mama Dangote from Diamond’s house, claims she has never confirmed. She, however, revealed that she and the singer’s mother are not on good terms.

When asked about Hamisa, Mama Dangote said that her family already has enough people

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