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Controversial socialite Hudddah Monroe has denied claims that she uses skin lightening products. The 28-year-old, who has been ‘stuck’ in Dubai since March 2020, during a Q&A with her followers on Instagram revealed that she has been light-skinned since she was young.

Coming to her defence, the sassy queen has made it known that she has never bleached but was born  light skinned. Huddah has been accused of having several multiple surgeries including a** surgery but she has maintained that she did only a boOb job which went wrong.

Huddah was once known for her skills on these streets of Nairobi, many businesses including the lipstick gig that have seen her make good money over the years. A bold fan asked if she’s a prostitute, she responded sayimg

“What I do with my vag…is none of anyone’s business. Think whatever you want. That’s what sad,               jealous frustrated people say when they see a young successful woman doing her thing,’

Kenyans aren’t yet convinced that Huddah was born naturally light skin and have been sharing photos from her past before fame.


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