‘We are starving and feel lonely at dawn’ say female inmates demanding conjugal visits


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A section of female inmates from Mtangani Prisons in Malindi, Kilifi County have pleaded the government to allow them have sex with their visiting spouses.

According to the inmates, the government should pass laws that would allow them to enjoy some intimacy with their male lovers.

They revealed that they get sexually starved while serving their respective jail terms.

“We are begging the government to allow our spouses and boyfriends to chop us when they visit us in prison. We are starving and feel lonely at dawn,” said one of the prisoners who requested anonymity. 

There has been growing calls to have the government allow conjugal visits since 2008.

The calls had received acceptance among high ranking officials like former vice president Moody Awori and Kalonzo Musyoka.

However, parliament has been able to pass enabling legislation.






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