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  • Land Adviser Farida Karoney on Monday, May 3, contacted her former employee Salim Swaleh during an interview on NTV where she corrected the anchor on the issue of women’s leadership in the country.

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    Speaking during the interview section Your knuckle, Salim who worked under Karoney during his tenure as Citizen TV, said that women were rapidly taking the lead in the country while reverting to the appointment of Judge Martha Koome as Chief Justice.

    “It has also taken on a higher role in the Ministry of Lands which has long been seen as isolated from men. With the number of women taking on responsibilities, you would not say there is a new wave, ”she asked.

    CS Farida Karoney (left) and NTV anchor Salim Swaleh (right) on May 3, 2021.


    Responding to his question, Karoney expressed his disagreement with the statement noting that gender equality in the post was not adequately addressed in the country.

    “I don’t know why you say we are taking on leadership responsibilities more quickly. 50 percent of the country’s population is women. In fact, we are behind schedule,” she explained.

    Karoney added that the top responsibilities in all sectors should reflect the number of women including, the cooperative sector, in the media, the cabinet and parliament.

    “Women work hard and have a sixth sense when it comes to leadership role. So we have to be represented in all sectors of the economy, ”he said.

    The two collaborated during an interview with Swaleh considering that he was expecting technical criticism of how he handled the interview.

    “I expect you to provide indicators on how I handle it I should handle the interview including telling me the introduction to the section was very long,” he observed.

    Karoney responded to the comment, “If the studio is too hot.”

    This is the video:

    Karoney in early April had visited Royal Media Services to talk about digital use and left staff worried when he appeared in an interview on JKLive.

    As soon as the interview started, JKLive presenter Jeff Koinange noted that RMS staff members were a little worried about their good behavior.



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