‘ Watashikanisha na super-glue’ Kenyans break the puzzle of a footbridge on JKIA expressway site


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The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport express way linking the airport to Westlands has continued to take shape.

Updates on the construction of the mega project indicate a remarkable progress of the infrastructure that is expected to be completed in December 20121.

However, Kenyans keen on the progress of the highway noticed  a huge puzzle at the construction site next to the Belelvue on Mombasa road.

There is a footbridge that intersects the highway and Kenyans are keen to know the fate of the overpass that they have been using over the years.

Many wondered whether it will be demolished or the highway will be tailored to accommodate the flyover.

However, KOT in their true character took the chance to make fan of the puzzle.

See some of the reactions below

MuringihK: Watashikanisha na super glue

GNWafula: Gari itabidi ziiname chini ya hiyo bridge.

WhoIsSleek: Hapo wataweka arch inapita juu so pedestrians wanapita chini

Navits_Brother: Mtakua mnafika hapo kwa bridge mnainama mkipita

Mannumuya: Wataeka zebra crossing


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