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Netflix’s new anime liberates African History

Netflix’s new anime released this week, set in the 1500s in the land of Japan, seeks to bring back the history of the world’s first black Samurai, Yasuke.

Yasuke is a real African man who arrived in Japan in 1579 according to historical records. He served under Shogun Nobunaga Oda who is said to be close to uniting Japan. According to Thomas Lockley who wrote The African Samurai: The True Story of Yasuke, when Nobunaga met Yasuke for the first time, he did not believe that his skin was black and ordered Yasuke to be wiped clean.

It’s overLife is the inspiration behind the new Netflix anime of the same name created and directed by LeSean Thomas and the Japanese animation studio MAPPA, a producer by LaKeith Stanfield, who plays Yasuke, and Flying Lotus, who produced the song. Chadwick Boseman was hit by a Yasuke voice before his death in 2020.

Anime combines historical facts with the mysterious elements of myths for a season of the first 6 episodes. Anime introduces Yasuke where history shows that he met Nobunaga, at a market in Kyoto; Yasuke arrived in Japan with an Italian Jesuit named Alessandro Valignano on an inspection tour.

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Unfortunately, his real name, birth and country of origin are lost in time.

It’s over currently streaming on Netflix.


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