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‘Wachana na bwana yangu’-Drama as Jalango is busted by wife having sex with Kamene Goro


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Drama was witnessed today morning at a famous hotel within the city after comedian Jalango was busted in the middle of the act having sex with his colleague and Kiss Fm morning show co-host, Kamene Goro.

The comedian is said to have been cheating on his lovely wife, Amina Chao for the past two months.

This prompted his wife to investigate into the issue, where she later found out that Jalango was having an extramarital affair with his co-host, Kamene Goro.

Sources have revealed that ,while celebrating Kamene’s birthday on Wednesday, the two decided to book a room in one of the cozy hotels within the city.This is where they spent their night, having a good time and banging each other.

Unfortunately,Jalango’s wife was given information about the them by her spies, who have been eyeing him for more than one months as he bangs Kamene Goro secretly.

This did not end up well as Jalango was busted by his wife in his hotel room as they were having morning sex before going to work.

Drama escalated into a physical fight as the two women exchanged blows, calling each other a ‘husband snatcher’.

Hotel security arrived at the room and claimed the chaotic scene before injuries could be inflicted on each other.

“Wachana na bwana yangu, malaya wewe”, said angry Amina Chao.

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