Video of Police Officer Filling Dangerous Pothole Warms Kenyan Hearts


  • A police officer caught on video repairing a road in Nairobi with his own hands has encouraged Kenyans.

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    The piece, which was first shared by former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, showed the officer filling a port along Red Hill Road with stones to give the driver a better driving experience.

    The man, who was wearing a police uniform, was seen carrying the barricades straight and dropping them into an open pit.

    He had a wheelbarrow and a spade that he used to level the rocks during exercise.

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    It is believed that the crash, which had affected many motorists on the road, had led to many accidents resulting in car crashes and injuries to their users.

    “Believe it or not, this is a police officer who decided enough and volunteered to cover the pit that caused the accident along the red hill road.

    “Inspector General of Police, what if all the police were like this?” questioned Kabogo.

    Many Kenyans were impressed by the hard work of this mysterious officer in making the world a better place, noting that as the army got worse, some people were still working hard and with good manners.

    “Good job. Let me also appreciate the fact that the wheelbarrow next to the soldier has been a great help to the operation,” shared one user.

    “A real patriot. When he handcuffs by hand some older people only pocket the money intended for such a job. We should value the poor are always patriotic, ”added another.

    Others, however, challenged Kabogo over his record of development when he was governor of Kiambu County.

    “But Kabogo, you were the governor of Kiambu for 5 years. Also, the incumbent president is from the same county, but no one has ever found a solution to prevent Gatitu’s jam.

    “The people of Thika should spend 30 minutes moving to and from Thika town in the morning and evening,” said Joan Ngengi.

    Nairobiis have complained in recent months about the increase in pothole roads seen in Nairobi’s downtown Central Business District.

    A recent report by the African Journal of Health Sciences released in 2019 revealed that some 8.8% of accidents on Kenyan Roads are caused by potholes and poorly constructed roads.

    Below is the video:

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