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Named “Ecstasy”, a Norwegian band based in Oslo VepsA brand new single is very addictive. Combined with a focused and cheeky music video, this pop / rock song captures the youthful energy of the members.

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Veps is made up of 4 young musicians, namely: Laura Dodson (guitar), June K. Urholt (bass), Maja B. Berge (drums) and Helena Olasveengen (keys). They will be releasing an EP called Open the door on June 11 via Kanine Records. A small album is available for pre-ordering through Bandcamp.

The song is about a boy who is afraid to volunteer. A young man who would like to waste his time on personal confirmation through social media, rather than exploring his true feelings with a special person, ”Singer Helena explains the inspiration for the new song.

Laura gave an interesting fact about the music video: “Helena made all the amazing cakes, and the one thing that consumes all the time over the whole process is to clean ourselves from the cake and the extreme cold in our hair. We won’t have a cake for a while…

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