Vanessa Mdee Officially Becomes Mrs. Rotimi, Here Is Their Love Story


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If you loved the Black Power series ‘Power,’ then that is where you must have first met Rotimi who played the ruthless, cunning character of Dre.

His music side was not very conspicuous until a Tanzanian woman inspired his romantic side so profoundly that he wrote the now hit song ‘Love Somebody’ and she is the video vixen.

This magnetic woman is none other than Tanzanian VJ and musician Vanessa Mdee, their spark was magnetic

“It feels like we have an angelic type of love that can’t be explained,” he once told ESSENCE, a US Black Magazine.

The two met at a film and music festival and Rotimi actually had another date lined up before he and Mdee crossed paths.

“I actually was there with somebody else, just a weekend friend but she ended up getting sick. We were supposed to go to this party, and [she said] I don’t want to come. I said, ‘okay, it’s fine. I’m just going to go for 15 minutes.’ I end up going and some of my castmates were also there. That’s where I end up meeting [Vanessa.] Fifteen minutes turned into an hour and a half conversation. Nothing else mattered in the room.”

After a month of long-distance communication (Mdee returned back to Africa for work), the lovebirds went on their first official date.

It didn’t take long for her to make the decision to relocate for the relationship. “I feel like we’ve been together for lifetimes,” Rotimi said. “So, this is just this body and I just met her again on this earth. It felt like that from day one, and I’ve never had a connection that instantly. [I told her] I don’t want you to go back to Africa. I want you to stay with me.”

Currently, the couple is residing in Atlanta and feel more assured than ever that their relationship was meant to be. Mdee says Rotimi in a sense saved her life.

Well years of having her name Vanessa Mdee on her IG bio – the former singer recently edited it to; Mrs. A and fans of the couple believe they might have tied the knot privately

All the best Mdee! Hey Jux, what’s up (smiling emoji)

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