‘Utakufa kabla ya bwanangu’ Nyota Ndogo says


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Photo Courtesy: Nyota Ndogo

Kenyan singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, popularly known as Nyota Ndogo, has come out to defend her Dutch husband, Henning Nielsen.

The singer posted a photo of herself with her hubby and one hater decided to troll her.

“Naona babu amejipanga kwa death row,” the troll posted.

Responding to the vile comment, Nyota Ndogo hit back at the troll,

“Unaweza ukafa wewe babu akabaki usicheze na mungu,” Nyota Ndogo hit back.

Nyota Ndogo has been at the receiving end for marrying a considerably older man.

Forced to defend her Dutch husband and marriage on numerous occasions, the coast based musician recently refuted claims she broke Nielsen’s home to have his hand in marriage.

“I didn’t steal anyone’s husband. He was divorced. His ex and I talk and their children are even planning to visit me soon in Kenya,” Nyota Ndogo said.


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