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Utafunza mtoto wangu umalaya-Drama as Dennis Okari demands custody of daughter from Betty


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Drama as witnessed today morning after NTV news anchor Dennis Okari raided his ex wife’s home in Lavington demanding for custody of his daughter.

According to the journalist, he claims that Betty Kyalo is not raising his daughter according to the right principles and morals which an African child should be.

This is after Betty Kyalo was on Tuesday, evening seem on Instagram live being finger fucked by unidentified man in the presence of their daughter, Ivanna.

The incident seemed to have irked mixed reaction from her fans who reburked the evil act.

One bitter person who seems to have been following the wicked act, was Dennis who went on and commented that he was going to have custody of his child as a way to shield and protect her from the absurd manners of her mother.

This was seen by Dennis Okari raiding Betty’s home in Lavington today early morning demanding to take their daughter from her.

Unfortunately,this could not happen as Betty asked Okari to produce issued custody documents from the court.

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