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The UN Food Systems Conference has announced a competition to recognize the best small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from around the world who are changing food systems for a better tomorrow.

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The conference has launched a unique competition, entitled “Better Business: Better Food for All”, which will feature 50 small and medium entrepreneurs around the world whose work reflects the goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). provide healthy, sustainable and healthy food for all.

The competition recognizes those who play a key role in “building the best” out of the tragedy while focusing on the challenges they have been struggling to overcome.

The epidemic has had a devastating effect on small businesses around the world, especially those led by women. For example, revenues for European SMEs alone decreased by 70 percent, according to one study, while the World Bank estimates that trade in developing countries was very difficult, and revenues were less than 70 percent at the peak of the crisis, compared to 45 percent only in OECD countries.

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The conference will celebrate those who play their role in transforming through innovative ways in which small businesses produce, consume and dispose of food, providing lessons to build greater economic stability and sustainability.

“Around the world, leaders need to focus on the ‘hidden’ contribution of small businesses that feed the community, create jobs and re-create nature,” said Dr Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General’s 2021 Food Systems Conference.

“These daily businesses and their employees are the driving force behind our food systems and small business competitions aimed at celebrating these efforts and showcasing their inspiring stories. In line with the Conference which is open to people everywhere and without leaving anyone behind. , we encourage such businesses to raise their voices and help us understand what support they need to succeed. “

The competition will provide an opportunity for the Conference to showcase the best small businesses at the Pre-Conference to be held in Rome in July 2021.

Listening to the voices of small businesses – from veterinary surgeons to restaurants, producer partnerships and digital startups – is an integral part of the Conference process to identify bold, innovative solutions to improve food systems.

The competition will find not only small businesses leading the charge for more sustainable, inclusive and food-resistant systems but also ways that can be helped to increase their sustainable business.

Companies around the world that help provide healthy food to their communities and create jobs for local people are invited to solicit and share views and opinions on how their countries and economies can maximize their positive impact.

Each submission will help inform world leaders of the priorities and resources these businesses need to thrive, and all applicants will be invited to the Food Systems Summit.

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