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UDA Party affiliated with Ruto Battle Back after Jubilee Announcement for Sever Links –


Two days after the ruling Jubilee party declared war on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party which recently from the Development and Reform Party (PDR), he finally fought.

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Jubilee General Secretary Raphael Tuju on Tuesday initiated a process to terminate the pre-election agreement with the party that was restored before the 2022 elections as divisions in the ruling party continue to escalate.

In a letter to Anne Nderitu, the Registrar of Political Parties, Tuju mentioned ideological differences and a recurring vestment saying the agreement could not stand so he asked for its cancellation.

In a response to the registrar, UDA has declared a dispute over a proposal to rescind the union agreement.

“As stipulated in the union agreement laid down in your office on 30 May 2018 in accordance with Section 10 (4) of the Political Parties Act NO. 11 of 2012, Schedule 3 and in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Union Agreement, we have declared a dispute, “UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina said.

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The SG said the relevant organs of the Union parties would take appropriate arbitration processes to resolve the dispute and update the registrar.

“At the same time, all lawmakers who hold office in accordance with the coalition agreement and in particular, the deputy majority leader Senator Fatuma Dullo should continue to hold office until a dispute resolution panel decides the fate of the union.”

While requesting the cancellation of the agreement, Tuju had indicated that efforts to finalize the union agreement face legal barriers.

In reaching a decision to sever ties, Tuju said the Jubilee Party’s National Steering Committee considered, among other things, that the officers who were participating in the coalition talks had been replaced by the new officers who showed hostility by placing candidates actively in areas outside the constituencies. nature in partnership.

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Those areas include West Pokot, Wajir, Lsiolo, Garissa and Mandera counties where the Jubilee Party had faced the challenge of clan-led democracy.

“Since there is no reconciliation of our policies and visions we have found ourselves as particularly awkward colleagues with the use of UDA of their identity as” hustlers “which has a bad dictionary and meaning. to unite Kenyans and not to divide them by race or class, “said Tuju.

Tuju noted that apart from fielding candidates against Jubilee candidates, some UDA members have continued to refer to the Jubilee Party as “derogatory remarks even in public and make it possible to participate in any unity-building talks”.

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“Therefore, the Party has taken steps to eliminate any negotiations aimed at completing the coalition process as enshrined in the Political Parties Act and to terminate any association and alliance with the PDR whose officers, logo and name have changed beyond recognition by comparison. For PDR we worked with him there. initially, ”he added.

Tuju, however, said all members of the dissolved coalition who hold leadership positions in the Assemblies will continue to serve as well.

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“This is a request to look into the contents of this letter and to keep a record of our cancellation of the temporary unity agreement placed in your offices on May 6 2018 which was never finalized,” he wrote.

UDA is linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

The DP is on record saying it is the second best party to use in its White House race in 2022 if tensions in the Jubilee of President Uhuru Kenyatta continue.

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