Two KBC journalists presented during the Best Journalism of the Year Awards – KBC


Journalists from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) were among those nominated for the Best Journalism of the Year Award (AJEA) held on Tuesday at the Serena Hotel.

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The awards organized by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) seek to celebrate excellence in journalism every year.

According to the council, the main objectives of the awards are to recognize, celebrate and maintain excellence in journalism and the media industry in general, to recognize journalists who have demonstrated high standards of reporting and ethics in their work, and to identify areas of need. of the ability of journalists and media executives to maintain quality standards in the profession.

The Council received 1,119 entries following a call for comments published on 8 ″ March 2021. Of the entries received 120 stories were selected and given a two-phase decision process.

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Sixty winners from various media outlets across the country were awarded.

KBC reporters are Isaack Lemoka, who dressed in the radio unit for the best Covid-19 reporting and the best radio production winner Lourdes Walusala.

The award also aims to challenge journalists to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in journalism and practice and to encourage journalists to play their part in maintaining democracy, integrity and social responsibility among others.

The awards were presented by Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Council Chairman Maina Muiruri and CEO David Omwoyo.

“” We celebrate journalists for their positive contribution to society and their craftsmanship. The awards are a continuous celebration of the quality of journalists in the country. ”Said Ag. Chief Justice

“As we celebrate the work of journalists today we cannot ignore the difficulties they face in collecting and disseminating information. In this age of fake news the media has a major role to play in tackling misinformation through authentication and ensuring accuracy. I join all Kenyans in celebrating journalists, especially those who will receive awards for all of us who know the dangers you go through to get information. “He added.

He noted that during the closure, the importance of the media informing everyone was glorified.

The variety of awards reflects the steady state of journalism in our country. Nothing should come between you and your responsibility to tell the truth. The importance of reliable information cannot be overlooked. I hope during this year’s celebration we will remember the importance of information as a public benefit. Removal and restructuring of media organizations. It is a period in which we value the important role that the media plays in our society. This is a time to remember all those journalists who have lost their lives to bring us stories and, in an effort, to bring us the truth. He noted.

For his part the CEO noted that; “We have 18 winners from the first pool of 1,119. The judges have spent the day and night delivering the best. There have been many technological revolutions and the scourge of fake news but all this time we have seen high-quality journalism pieces.”

“The council has seen the journalist under pressure and intimidation and as a 4th state we can only turn to the courts,” he added.

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