Tunaziosha usiku yote tukilia! Dejected Kenyan nanny narrates the kind of hell they go through in Gulf – Jalango TV – Kenya No.1 Online TV


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With rising levels of unemployment in the country, Kenya has been churning a considerable number of domestic workers to Arabian countries, illegal immigrants inclusive.

However, not so many have a rough picture of what awaits them in Gulf where they rush in search for greener pastures.

A Kenyan woman who is currently in Arabia has taken to social media to open up about her frustrations with the kind of tasks and treatment accorded to them in Gulf.

The lady who identified herself as Pauline shared a very heartbreaking photo of a mountainous task ahead of her. A multitude of utensils that occupied the whole kitchen space which she said they usually wash throughout the whole night with the situation becoming more worse in Ramadan festive season among other Islamic festivities.

She even admits that she sometimes sheds tears while washing but poverty roots at home cannot let her come back.

Pauline however says that once she meets her financial targets, she will safely depart Arabia for Kenya to venture into other activities.


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