Three Cars, Six Staff , Overseas Treatment For Spouse – Sneak Peek Of Maraga’s Retirement Package


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Retired Chief Justice David Maraga will be etched in the minds of Kenyans and in the annals of history for tangible specifics. A man of honor, devoid of entitlements and one not inured to the strings of Western-funded NGOs around him.

It may take a minute before our tribal mosaic of a nation appreciates our greatest CJ this far. But we bask in the knowledge history records and remembers. In every historical epoch, God sends an exemplary individual to remind society about glaring rots and injustices. Retired CJ Maraga was that person in Kenya. He showed us the way by walking the talk courageously and putting God first.

As he joins the clique of top senior citizens, here is a sneak peek of the hefty send-off package for the man with the impetus of a rhino.

The CJ will receive more than Sh15 million for serving the country. He will receive a lump-sum payment for his 18 years of service in the Judiciary and a monthly pension accompanied by other benefits befitting one who was the head of the third arm of the government.

Mr. Maraga, who attained the age of 70 on January 12, is to be paid based on the Retirement Benefits Act, 2015, that commenced on July 9, 2015. Section 8(2) of the Act provides that Maraga may be requested by the Government to perform, subject to agreement, specific official functions for which he shall be paid a reasonable allowance.

The former CJ is entitled in his retirement to access the VIP facilities in the country’s airports and continue holding a diplomatic passport together with his wife.

The law allows Maraga the use of two saloon cars each with a capacity that does not exceed 2,000cc, which shall be replaceable once every four years. For long-distance travel or driving in rough terrain, he will be given a four-wheel-drive that does not exceed 3,000cc, which shall also be replaced once every four years.

And what is a good vehicle if it is grounded because of fuel? The cars’ tanks will be full thanks to a fuel allowance equivalent to 15 percent of the current monthly salary of the officeholder. The salary of an office holder is capped at between Sh990,000 and a maximum of Sh1,327,888. This was done in August 2017 by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in a letter that was written to the Judiciary by commission secretary Anne Gitau.

Being the second CJ after the promulgation of the Constitution on August 27, 2010, he will get a monthly pension equal to 80 percent of his last monthly salary. Also included in the retirement package is Sh10 million and Sh300,000 for inpatient and outpatient treatment, respectively. He will get Sh75,000 for dental cover and a similar amount for optical. This will also cover his spouse’s overseas treatment, with a reputable insurance company as laid out in the law.

An astute judge who has served as a resident judge in Nakuru, a presiding judge of the Family Division in Nairobi, and the Court of Appeal in Kisumu, he will also get two armed bodyguards. Provided he makes a formal request to the Interior ministry.

Six staff at his beck and call too- two drivers, one personal assistant, one secretary, a house-keeper, gardener, cleaner, and a fully equipped office.

Other beneficiaries of this retirement scheme include former premier Raila Odinga, former vice presidents Moody Awori, Kalonzo Musyoka, and Musalia Mudavadi, and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.


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