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Wahu and Nameless musicians who are also a man and her husband have decided to compete in music as the world celebrates the month of love.

They have launched two hits each, “This Love of Wahu” and “This Love of Nameless”. The boards are almost identical but there are differences in words.

Both are about love. While Wahu enjoys the love he compares to what is portrayed in the film, Nameless complains as there is no pleasure in his romantic relationship.

The two have included Bien Barasa of the Sauti Sol group and his wife Chicky in the video dramas of their songs.

Wahu and Bien act as lovers who enjoy each other’s company while Nameless and Chicky act out each other’s emotional turmoil.

The similarities in both songs are rhythmic; “This Love is making me wise” that is, this love gives me wisdom.

According to the video of Wahu’s song, he and Bien help each other with everything from home to work. Bien works as a waitress at the entertainment venue and Wahu is a singer who performs at the same entertainment venue.

Nameless and Chicky in their video are seen getting ready and heading to the entertainment area where Wahu and Bien are working but not talking to each other.

Chicky seems to be cheering for the hostess who is Bien while Nameless is cheering for the singer who is Wahu.

So far, Wahu’s song seems to attract more people than Nameless’s on YouTube.

Wahu and Nameless have been married for 15 years now and have two daughters and their love has been highly praised by their fans as many celebrity marriages break up.

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This Love – Wahu and Nameless – Radio National

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