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Akothee recently revealed that contrary to what the majority of her fans think about her parenting, she is a very strict mother, so strict that she terms herself as an uninteresting mother. According to the outspoken singer, work in her house is considered everyone’s responsibility despite the fact that she has employees in the house.

She explained that her children always wonder why they have to spread their beds when they have employees who can do that without complaining, but according to Akothee, having a neatly spread bed interprets planning for their future.

Akothee revealed that because of her strictness when it comes to house chores, most of her relatives are scared of leaving their children with her. She went on to explain that she learned from her mother to separate work time from fun and that she carried the trait with her family.

She narrated how she even smells her children’s armpits and mouth just to make sure that they took a bath and brushed their teeth mandatorily. Her children are also not supposed to lock her out of their rooms as she can always choose to walk in their rooms to oversee that their bathrooms are clean at any time.

For this reason, the majority of her relatives choose not to live with her as they can’t stand her strictness when it comes to cleanliness. She concluded by noting that life doesn’t come with a manual but instead it comes with a mother.


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