This is the thing about Jalango that stresses Kamene Goro’s life


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Kiss 100 presenters Kamene Goro and Jalango have grown to form a formidable  partnership any media house would crave for.

Every day of the week that the duo hit the studio for their morning show, runs an interactive, informative and fun four- hour show.

Thanks to their grasp of issues, charm, sultry and booming voices characterized with larger than life personalities, the duo indeed enjoy working alongside one another.

However, there is just one thing that makes life a little stressful in that studio, and it is Jalango’s phone.

According to Menje, the witty co- host is so addicted to his phone that  he almost misses some of the conversations on air.

” This guy with his phone! He is always into it. That actually stresses my life,” Menje was heard saying during Friday’s Morning Kiss show


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