The United States needs more naval power while China, Russia is challenging its supremacy at sea – KBC


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The United States needs a large Navy as it risks losing its profits at sea to China and Russia within the next decade, Marine Operations Chief Michael Gilday said in a parliamentary testimony on Thursday.

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“PRC’s [China’s] and the rapid Russian and modern naval growth is undermining the benefits of the US military. Uncontrolled, this trend will leave the Armed Forces unprepared to ensure our maritime benefits and protect national interests within the next decade, “Gilday told the US House Security Subcommittee.

Gilday accused Russia and China of working to undermine international law-abiding international maritime systems, as well as through the South China Sea and the Crimean Peninsula.

“Based on the rigorous assessments and threats made over the past five years – inside and outside the Navy – it is my best military advice that the United States needs a larger Navy to challenge the Marine Liberation Army that is growing in capacity and capacity. ., ”Gilday said.

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China has expanded its navy from 262 to 350 ships including aircraft carriers, submarines and polar icebreakers as well as building what he described as “the world’s largest missile force to target the region’s waters,” he added.


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