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The United States intervened to rescue the Crown-laden India


The United States has pledged to provide additional assistance to India to enable it to cope with the severe epidemic of COVID-19.

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The nation continues to record the highest number of cases reported worldwide in four consecutive days.

As of Sunday morning, India recorded a total of 349,691 new cases of the virus in 24 hours, with 2,767 patients reported dying in the same period.

Reports suggest that the country’s capital Delhi was the worst hit, with the country acknowledging that the wave struck suddenly.

The United States, which has also recorded the highest death toll from the Korona epidemic than any other country in the world, has said it is alarmed by an increase in the number of cases of infection in India.

A White House spokesman said they were consulting with the Indian government to determine the assistance that would be provided to the country where health workers are overwhelmed by the epidemic.

Hospitals in India do not have oxygen and the government uses military planes and trains to transport oxygen to New Delhi and other parts of the country.

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