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In this photo file, then Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the closing session of the US-China Climate Leaders Summit in Los Angeles, California, September 16, 2015. Credit: Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

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The United States will double in the next three years the goal of public climate funding targeted during the Obama administration to help poor nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions, President Joe Biden said on Thursday.

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“The United States will double by 2024 our annual financial development funding assistance to developing countries compared to what we provided during the second half of the Obama-Biden administration,” the president told a climate conference hosted by him. of World Day 2021.

Biden launched what he called “aspirable but achievable goals” to help developing countries return to their position and commitments to the environment and to compensate for the lack of American participation during the Trump administration.

The President of the United States also stated that the United States would triple its climate change funding, which is based on current or anticipated climate change reforms, by 2024.

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The White House had earlier stated that the Democrats would work with the Republicans in Parliament to enact the necessary legislation.

With an idea of ​​what the new US pledges would cost, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, a senior aide to Biden Climate Commissioner John Kerry, said on Twitter that the total US public climate funding was approximately $ 2.8 billion for a year time base from funding in 2013 to 2017, and around $ 500 million is going through renovations.

Biden said earlier that it aims to reduce US and a half greenhouse gas emissions and reach zero emissions by 2050. American emissions represented less than 15 percent of world standards and some countries need to step up efforts because no nation can solve this crisis over. of his own, he added.

The two-day summit brings together leaders of about 40 countries to discuss measures needed to address climate change as well as invest in clean energy and a low-carbon economy. It aims to map out the UN Climate Change Conference that Britain will hold in Glasgow in November.


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