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Musician Nandy has explained the main reason for his absence from the ring he wore to Billnass after he got engaged last year.

Interviewed by Clouds TV in Tanzania yesterday where she went to launch her song with Koffi Olomide “Leo Leo” the actress said that the ring was lost.

According to him, fans took off the ring last year while performing at CCM’s campaigns. He felt a touch of the hand of the fans as they cheered him off the stage but when he got to the car he realized he had really lost it.

The interviewer wanted to know why she should not wear another one or until the ceremony was done like the first one where she said she felt Billnass was waiting for their wedding to come closer so she could wear another one.

Billnass wore Nandy an engagement ring in April 2020 when she was on stage singing on TVE where she told him that she has been with him for a long time, has known his good and bad side and has chosen to love the two sides.

Nandy after wearing the ring wrote, “I don’t have much to write here because I have finished it all in front of your face! The journey is just the beginning. Our GOD is so great that He crossed us and even this we will cross safely! Thank you all for the congratulations you have given me and for watching the HOMA show we are together for more blessings. ”

In the fourth month of 2018 the couple will be arrested for allegedly posting inappropriate pictures on social media.


The ring was lost! – National Radio

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