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The government through the Ministry of Education has been urged to hire psychologists to provide guidance and advice in primary and secondary schools in Homa Bay County to address the health effects of Covid-19 among students.

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Part of the psychologists called on the government to establish effective school counseling programs to assist in addressing mental health issues that may be witnessed among students due to the effects of the crown virus at home.

Speaking to KNA, Florence Aluodo, a psychologist said that cases of mental health issues have increased in the country since the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020 where students have been affected.

Aluolo added that the government needs to send at least one consultant to each academic institution to provide guidance and counseling services to address mental health issues caused by the epidemic.

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He added that the move will also help students cope with the epidemic so that their professional development is protected from any kind of disruption due to the virus.

Aluolo called on parents to take on the role of counseling and guide their children to make them aware of the difficult economic situation facing many families due to coronary heart disease in the country.

A psychologist who was running for the Siaya County women’s representative seat in the 2017 elections said expert advisors will be able to talk to students to open up and share their concerns so that the right solution can be reached to end mental health-related problems.


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