The Kilifi family has been left homeless after a private developer demolished their homes – KBC


The family of the late Mzee Mzee sits on the remnants of his former home as he contemplates the next step.

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One family in Kilifi has been left homeless after a private developer demolished their property on their ancestral land.

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The family members were forced to sleep in the cold early Sunday morning when hired officers armed with heavy weapons under the protection of police officers from Mtwapa police station ordered families and tenants to leave their homes before a bulldozer patrolled the houses.

The family of the late Mzee Charo led by his three sons Reynold Karisa, Ismail Charo and Haroun Tete said the families were woken up in the morning by a bulldozer and police doors escorted by hired men and ordered to leave their homes.

According to Ismail Charo, a private developer known to them began to intimidate them after their mother died.

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Osoro alleges that the alleged land grabber brought a court order barring them from burying their patients in the ancestral land they had taken since 1943 when their late father bought it and they were forced to seek intervention from their government to bury their mother.

Reynolds Karisa, the late elder Charo Karisa the first child said they had taken the land for more than 60 years and inherited it after both their parents died.

According to Reynold, land grabbers and speculators bought a plot of land to build a house from their closest neighbor in 1991 but unknowingly collaborated with Kilifi County land officers to issue a fake title deed and now wants to take over their land through a forgery and coercive mix. .

The relative is now asking for government intervention to help save their land from an unscrupulous land grabber who is using police officers to silence and intimidate them.


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