The government insisted on resolving the dispute over HIV drugs – KBC


The Ministry of Health denies allegations of reversal of HIV drugs

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Part of the clergy now want the Government to resolve its dispute between donor agencies that have led to delays in antiretroviral drugs.

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The leaders, taken from Kangeta, Igembe Kati, Meru County, want the government to reassure Kenyans living with HIV / AIDS about the regular supply of medicines by reducing their dependence on donors for essential medicines.

Bishop Stephen Kalunyu said the recent conflict between the Kenyan government and donor agencies was discouraging consumers, adding that the stalemate. it should not be witnessed in the future.

The clerics urged the national government to set aside resources to buy essential medicines to ensure regular supply of the drug.

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He noted that People living with HIV / AIDS suffer from uncertainty about ARV deficiency while also being severely affected by the adverse effects of Covid-19.

He called on government authorities and aid agencies to consider starting a commitment to provide more aid, especially in terms of food donations or even money transfers to vulnerable people.

Bishop Kalunyu also warned young people against rushing into marriage before they were ready for maturity and financial readiness, amid growing concerns of cases of domestic violence and people killing their spouses for no reason.

Chief of Staff Jacob Kubai said that Kenyans who have already received the first dose of the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine which is approved by the government are worried that they may miss the second test after India banned the shipment.

He called on the government through its healthcare professionals to consider participating in a partnership that would enable them to provide immunizations internally, citing Rwanda as a nation that has made great strides in this regard.


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