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The competition between the United States and China to control Africa continues to gain momentum


Officer of the Ministry of Affairs nis wRobert Godec, the United States Secretary of State for African Affairs, said the United States would see themYsee the people of Africa to be different from the Chinese economic development model promoted in Africa

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The United States will shinedaya more vested interest Tu Africa, an issue that will be of interest more Africa.

Godec’s statement indicated that the United States would urge African countries to choose between China and China.

How will the new US government policy on Africa change, and the country will play a game where?

Politically, the United States has repeatedly warned Africa about China, and started a “staging war” over the political reforms of some African countries.

The development of China-Africa relations is unstoppable, and the United States is deeply concerned about improved relations between China and Africa, much to the dismay of African countries about China’s political and ideological impact, especially those who signed the “Belt” proposal. One, One Way ”.

Economically, the United States strives to encourage institutional and financial transformation to reduce China’s economic impact on Africa. The United States is doing everything in its power to accuse China of “colonialism today” in Africa, boasting of increasing Africa’s independence rather than relying on foreign aid.Yesha that it will replace the current China and do better than China on the continent.

In March 2020, former US Secretary of State Tibor P. Nagy, in a speech in Washington, said: “We condemn China for its self-expression and the strengthening of our public diplomacy.

We remind the people of Africa that the contribution of the United States is so great that it cannot be reached by all other parties. ” The fact is that the new US strategy for foreign countries is to deal with competition between major countries, and any policy devised by any donor state aims to serve the “America First” strategy.

In terms of security, the United States is also reforming its military presence, increasing US aid to the security sector in Africa, and preventing China from participating in peacekeeping operations on the continent.

In early September 2020, during a visit to Africa, former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stressed that the US military in Africa has only two responsibilities, one of which is to compete with China and Russia to reduce the impact on the two countries in Africa.

African scholars call Donald Trump’s presidency a “four years lost”, but the Biden government’s strategy for Africa is not just “burying Trump’s assets”.

There is no significant difference from previous phases of the US government, Africa has no weight in the US global strategy, and is not mentioned much in the various diplomatic policies announced a month after President Biden came to power.

President Biden participated in and delivered a video conference at the 34th African Union summit, but the speech lacked in-depth content. Similarly, the provision of a national security strategy released in March aims to change the strategy of the world government led by Donald Trump, and to “directly address unprecedented challenges and seize rare opportunities”, which Africa is also not a priority. .

It is hoped that in the current context, US policy on Africa will continue to prioritize US interests, increasing its influence in Africa on political, economic and cultural issues through traditional diplomatic means such as economics, the fight against terrorism, the military. and support.

On the statement of the US Secretary of State, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. Zhao Lijian said China and Africa are good friends and partners with a common destiny, and developing friendly cooperation with African countries is always a fundamental policy of Chinese diplomacy.

Every Chinese foreign minister for 32 consecutive years has adhered to the traditional tradition of making his first annual visit to Africa.

In the last 20 years since the launch of the China-Africa Cooperation Council FOCAC was launched, the value of China-Africa trade has increased 20 times and China’s direct investment in Africa has increased 100 times.

Currently many African countries are facing new challenges due to the negative impact of the Corona virus epidemic.

The international community needs to focus on monitoring African countries, taking concrete action, increasing support and investment to help countries cope with challenges and achieve development.

The United States should not start a rivalry with China in Africa and force Africa to be at a crossroads in choosing which side, as this will damage the interests of African countries, and the African people will also not agree.

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