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Singer’s quiet voice, good pronunciation and English language command while performing a version of Allan Walker’s famous number, Sing to me with a sleep, sends happy guests to the wedding reception at a confused dance.

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The young man’s excellent diction and great ability to tell stories and his songs are imitated as he covers the hit of the 1976 Joseph Salim gospel hit I’m going up O Kahora (I will walk quietly) while playing his box guitar skillfully.

At the age of 13, Tracy Wambui is already a star, burning with unparalleled passion and determined to make it big in the music industry.

And when he introduces Luhya’s song, Mukangala, the hall explodes with a wild rapture. And his audience is not disappointed even with the quick dance moves to play with Jacob Luseno. Wambui strikes a note as the original version.

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Mukangala tells the story of a bad gardener boy who instead of doing his homework replaces his boss and imitates the things he does. The absence of his boss Mukangala he is wearing his employer’s suit and is working hard.

The singer is no stranger to showbiz seniors and event organizers in Nakuru County and its environs.

Class Seven students at Simba Primary School in Nakuru do not remember how many times he has performed at music festivals, concerts, galas and private events in Nakuru, Nyeri, Nairobi and Kiambu Counties since he was 9 years old.

Wambui’s expertise as a part-time musician began in early 2016 when his mother Rachael Kibui bought him a box guitar, laptop and piano. He has never studied music and has learned everything he knows by examining himself.

The budding singer provides that while she is more adept at composing and playing the guitar, her mother, who has been her main mentor, excelled in song, sound and setting.

His songs advise people, encourage young people and educate the community.

Wambui’s expertise as a part-time musician began in early 2016 when his mother Rachael Kibui bought him a box guitar, laptop and piano. PHOTO | KNA

Many talents in the Kenyan music field have not been recognized or valued. More often than not, I think our musical talent is limited to a few ordinary musicians.

The fact that so many young artists have been despised despite the hard, tedious work they put into their art makes me very disappointed, ”says Wambui.

Wambui, who aspires to become a lawyer, describes himself as a sanguine, adding that his biggest musical influence has been Allan Walker and the country’s music icon Dolly Parton.

A young man who is grateful for his parent’s strong upbringing and their acceptance of his idea to get into music hopes that the launched Primary Education Curriculum will touch and develop talent among Kenyan youth.

We had Music, Arts and Vocational education in elementary school. These were removed from the education system. Artists who were great at the time did not pass their skills forward. There was no advice.

As the Disc Jockeys became influential, they controlled radio and television programs, playing whatever they liked. Recently some musicians began to offer financial incentives for DJs to play their songs and turn the whole arrangement into a rotten system like a cartel. Many talents were lost. But I hope the CBC will cure the situation, ”he says.

The CBC Foundation, which was released three years ago, empowers students to apply the knowledge, skills and values ​​taught in school. It is therefore a student-centered system that aims to improve students’ ability to apply what they have learned in school to solve life’s problems.

He adds “While systems 7-2-4-6 and 8-4-4 prepared students for traditional disciplines such as medicine, law, engineering, teaching and so on, CBC is heavy on disciplines focusing on talents such as sports, arts, music as well as vocations. non-traditional that is often abandoned but requires sets of unique skills, ”

Wambui points out that local radio stations should support Kenyan artists by playing more of their music and added that the content of Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania currently dominates Africa because of the law that supports their implementation by their governments.

The law in Tanzania supports their music because their internal waves give them 96 percent playing time. That is not the case here in Kenya. I would say 90% of the music played in Kenya comes from other African countries, Europe and elsewhere, ”he laments.

Racheal Muthoni’s mother feels that CBC is a new innovation compared to previous systems, as it seeks to create responsible citizens by emphasizing values ​​such as patriotism, integrity, peace and social justice while recognizing and nurturing individual student talents in the field of music. sports, art among others.

He says unlike the 7-4-2-3 and 8-4-4 systems that focused on technical skills and knowledge for the job market, CBC is taking more steps to develop skills to enable students to make positive and meaningful contributions to society.

This provides an opportunity for students with special needs to also acquire skills and knowledge at their own pace to enable them to participate in the social and economic development of our society.

In addition to citizenship, other key competencies under the new curriculum include communication, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and digital reading. These 21st century skills are all designed to increase students’ ability to participate in activities such as entrepreneurship and social and technological innovation, ”

Muthoni calls on parents to be committed to recognizing and nurturing their children’s talents instead of discouraging them from pursuing their passion either in the arts or sports.

He explains that all children have a variety of talents that do not necessarily reflect their parents and that it was important to give them a wide range of opportunities so that any hidden talents could flourish.

You can do this by introducing them to different topics, games, skills and activities, and helping them to follow them.

Praise and encouragement will go a long way in developing the talents that your child recognizes. Let him know he is proud of his abilities and show interest in the topic of his will whether you participate or not, ”he advises.

Loice Macharia, a family friend, realizes that although Kenyans are talented musicians, they have to change and create content. According to many of his musicians, they have been emphasizing Western song.

It is one thing to have musical talent but that is not all that is important for you to succeed. You need to find a good production team, a good manager and a good advertiser.

You also need good intentions among your fans rather than having a vision. At the same time, learn how to brand yourself and most of all, learn to leave everything to God, ”advises Macharia.

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