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The famous couple DJ Mo and Size 8 got their son two years ago, who named him Muraya Junior after his grandfather.

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The little boy has grown up and brings a lot of joy to his parents, jockey disc Samuel Muraya and his wife gospel singer.

Ever since he was a few months old, fans of his parents realized he was the same as his father and this is increasingly becoming the same day.

Muraya is a very diligent child and is already doing what every little boy does and that is to look closely and do what the father does.

The boy was today, April 22, caught on video by his parents while he was wearing his father’s hat which was very exposed to his small face.

He was anxious to see when he walked around the house.

Check out the exciting video below.

In another video recorded by his father, Muraya Jr was seen trying very hard to walk in his father’s big shoes.

And boys are often eager to drive and drive from childhood.

Muraya Jr is no different as he shares the father / driver’s seat and gets a chance to put his little hands on the steering wheel.

Check out the short video below.

Today, Dj Mo and his son came out in high quality and straight suits, they looked even better.

It is widely believed that no 8-year-old child resembles them as they followed their father.

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