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Tanzanian artists oppose BASATA’s new regulations


Music artists in Tanzania seem to be outraged by BASATA’s new rules and regulations regarding the process of preparing and releasing music to the public.

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The Arts Council of Tanzania has decided that every musician must submit his or her song to their offices for inspection before being released to the public.

This measure aims to ensure that values ​​are observed and that obscene music is prevented from spreading.

Tanga MP Hamis Mohammed Mwinjuma popularly known as Mwana Fa who is also a musician has opposed BASATA’s new regulations saying they are not productive and do not help any artist.

In his view such laws should not exist and apply. He wants the council to find another way to prevent dirty and abusive songs by revealing that the issue once arose while serving on the BASATA board he opposed and will continue to oppose it.

He urges BASATA to enforce Act No. 7 of 1999 which authorizes COSOTA’s copyright holders’ licenses to operate music sites and collect and disburse funds to artists.

“Don’t make a song like asking for a passport or a VISA, you oppress the artists, we are hindering art.” are some of the words Son Fa wrote on Instagram.

Musician AY supported Mwana Fa wanting to know if BASATA would block Tanzanian dirty songs and allow foreign ones to continue playing.

This comes at a time when the first artist has found himself in a predicament due to the new BASATA regulations.

Artist Nay wa Mitego submitted his new song titled “Mama” to be inspected by BASATA before releasing it to the public was banned. The story and meaning are some of the words he used in the song such as “Aunt Halima” and “Baba was sharp”.

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