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They say blood is thicker than water and it is obvious between NTV gospel presenter Grace Ekirapa and her beautiful sisters Tushlyne and Juliet.

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The three share a friendship bond that is very long and tends to be someone else’s back all the time.

The youngest and still the strongest is Grace Ekirapa, who the other day just married actress Pascal Tokodi.

True, the beauty queen is celebrating her birthday today, April 27, and her older sisters were just over a month old when they celebrated her.

Each of them took his own social media platforms to write a heartwarming message to the birthday girl and there is no doubt that Grace has affected their lives in a positive way.

“Help me celebrate my little sister… .💃💃. Today is special in my life too, because I am happy to celebrate the blessing that God sent through me, many years ago…” wrote Tushlyne.

Tush was very grateful that Grace had been there for her and her family all the time.

“We have grown up together. We have gone through bad times, good times, and stormy weather. We have laughed, rejoiced, celebrated, and, above all, seen God’s love and mercy in many ways. ”

The mother of two was grateful for the love and support she receives from Grace.

“Mother the kind of love, gratitude, and encouragement I have received from you are the main reasons for my growth and success in life. You have prayed for us and fasted for us when we could not. You stood with us when no one else was…, ”he added.

She also praised him for being a great aunt to their children.

“You are the best aunt our children have and they love you so much. Jayden calls you regularly and you talk for hours… he is only four years old and one will wonder what the two of you are discussing 🤣🤣. Jaymie has the best friend in you…, ”the beautiful Tushlyne noted.

Then came the sweet birthday message

“In this new season I wish you all the best, all your sincere wishes come true, may the beauty and charm of your face never die, may God renew it every day wako your unconditional love and caring for others return to you in a hundred fold… God bless your marriage , your household and make you a better mother….

Then came Juliet’s turn, another older sister to Grace.

Juliet had little to say but could not ignore the fact that her younger sister was a strong pillar in their lives.

“You are special in so many ways, the people who have contacted you know that. But we all know you have a great heart and you are our pillar of prayer.”

And then the birthday message went through.

“Today, as we celebrate, it is my prayer that God will fulfill the desires of your heart, and will always remind you of what you mean to us. I love you so much that I don’t have the right words to use, ”he added

Juliet also had a message for Grace’s centerpiece, Pascal Tokodi.

She reminded him that she was very lucky to get Grace to be his wife.

“Know that I am celebrating with you and Pascal Tokodi is very lucky to have you, our little elephant. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😘😘😘😘! ”

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