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Stop forcing me to be your wife,i loved my late husband -Bob Collymore’s wife warns Jeff Koinange


Late Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui Kamiru has sent a stern warning to Citizen tv news anchor Jeff Koinange,asking him to stop forcing her to be his wife. This comes after rumors surfaced online, claiming that the journalist was seen over the weekend camping at the late Safaricom’s CEO home in Kitusuri.

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Reports have it that Jeff, who was mandated by the late friend to watch over his wife, might have decided to inherit the wife.

Sources have tipped that, Jeff stopped going to see his wife,3 months ago and has been seen on multiple occasions driving the wife to the late CEO around within the city.

Rumors have it, that, the journalist had dumped his wife and moved into the late Bob Collymore’s home in Kitusuri, where the two have been seen spending quality time together.

This was until, the wife of the journalist, realized that he was hanging with the wife of the late Safaricom CEO.

Other intimate sources have revealed that Jeff Koinange’s wife sent threatening messages to Wambui Kamiru, who is the wife of late Bob Collymore. This, was not well received by Wambui Kamiru who asked Jeff Koinnage to go back to his wife and that he should stop bothering her anymore.

An eye witness, who saw an altercation revealed that Wambui Kamiru kicked Jeff out of the house today, morning, warning him to stop forcing her to be his wife and that she truly loved her late husband.

“Stop forcing me to be your wife, I truly loved my late husband, and it’s time you go back to your wife”, said Wambui Kamiru.

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