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The Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has demanded the appropriate payment of journalists to restore their integrity in the profession.

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The speaker, who was the guest of honor at World Press Freedom Day, also urged media houses to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic and new media.

“Today is my day to ask the media owners to pay our writers and writers well. Pay them first and then demand justice, otherwise we risk taking them hostage from the Government and the media, ”he said.

World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every May 3 with the theme of this year’s celebration being ‘News as a Public Benefit’.

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Muturi said independent and independent media, disseminating accurate and factual information is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy and national development.

“We need to find ways to allow journalists, editors and media owners to understand that their role is critical to a cohesive, united, and prosperous country,” he said.

Broadcasting PS Esther Koimett on the other hand praised the role played by the media in driving the wheel of political, economic and social development in the country saying the media has a responsibility to inform public opinion and monitor whether the Government is fulfilling its promises.

He said the ICT Ministry intends to work with the Information Council and other stakeholders in the industry to ensure a regulatory environment and policy is reviewed to reflect the current needs of the industry.

“The government is paying close attention to the idea of ​​establishing a media fund that will ensure sustainability in the industry, which is essential for free and independent media that serves the public interest,” he said.

While major steps have been taken to ensure media freedom in Kenya, the Media Council has asked Parliament to amend or repeal 20 laws, some of which were inherited from the colonial government, which continue to undermine media freedom.


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