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Sitaki kuoleka kwa mzee tena, hajui kazi-Drama as Mary Kilobi divorce Atwoli for a 28 man


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Drama has been withnessed today after Swahili News anchor  Mary Kilobi divorced his 71 year old husband, Francis Atwoli and moved in with a 28 year man old man from Kawangware, Nairobi.

According to the journalist, she claims that she has found her true love, from a man who she identified as James Wafula.

The incident caused drama after Mary Kilobi, in company of her new lover, stormed Atwoli’s home in Kajiado, where she delivered divorce papers.

Drama escalated, after the man in company of Kilobi, helped her move her things out of Atwoli home.

The KTN news anchor, says that she is moving in with James, and that they will be staying together henceforth.

According to Mary, she now claims that she was tired of being married to the trade unionist, whom she referred as poor and one second man.

Kilobi now says that she is proud of finding true love from Wafula who has been giving her intense sexual satisfaction since she knew and started dating him in January, 2021.

Desperate Atwoli could not do anything other than watching her former second wife matching away from the compound accompanied by her new Bae.

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