Simi, the Duduke hitmaker gushes over her man


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We unfortunately live in a day and age where you are advised to fall in love at your own risk.

Relationships are more like scam these days with unending scenarios; either you have flames from the past meddling disrespectfully in your business, secret baby mamas, unfaithfulness is at an all-time high, it’s in fact the second pandemic after corona virus, and worse still engagements and marriages last about 4 business days then Boom! its face off at the court room filing for divorce. Sad truth huh!

That’s why when we see couples thriving in love and glowing while at it, we can’t help but stan and restan. In a world full of failed relationships we thank God for Simi, the Nigerian hit maker who took to Instagram to post a raw and playful picture of herself and the husband Adenkule Gold as he turned a year older.

She talked about how excited she is growing old and doing life with him and went ahead to ask his fans to stream his songs all day as a birthday gift. Gentlemen, find you a babe that supports your hustle like Simi does. Are we together?

Happy birthday Adenkule Gold. Stay In love until forever and a day.

Niskie mtu akisema Mtaachana tu. I will block you.

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