“Sikutaki kwangu tena” -Drama as Lulu Hassan kicks Rashid out of home over cheating scandal


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Drama is said to have been witnessed between citizen tv swahili news anchor couple, Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan after they confronted each other following a cheating scandal.

A closer source to the couple has indicated that the two broke into a fight as soon as they arrived back home from work on Sunday evening

The cause of the fracas is said  to have emanated from Rashid Abdallah’s cheating allegations with an actress  Yasmeen Said famously known as Maria in the Maria series drama aired on citizen tv.

A source had revealed to Lulu Hassan that her husband was having an extramarital affair with Maria, with other sources also revealing  that Maria might be pregnant for him.

This promoted Lulu Hassan to confront her husband in order for him to respond to the allegations which have been trending online.

However, this did not end up well, with Rashid Abdallah admitting that he had an affair with Maria. Angry Lulu could not stand the bitter truth,rather she responded bitterly and kicked Abdallah out of their home.

“Sikutaki kwangu tena, toka na husirudi hapa tena”  said angry Lulu.

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