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Sikutaki kamwe-Drama as Lulu Hassan demands divorce from Rashid


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The marriage between citizen tv swahili news anchor couple is on the verge of collapse over  cheating scandal.

The couple is rumored to have initiated divorce process after Lulu Hassan found out that Rashid Abdallah, who is her husband has been having an extramarital affair.

Sources have it that Rashid Abdallah has a second wife with a baby boy. This has been happening without Lulu Hassan’s awareness.

A close source had also revealed that Lulu Hassan had also found out that Rashid Abdallah had sex with Yasmeen Said, famously known as Maria in the Maria series drama.

Lulu Hassan’s lawyer, who is currently working on finalizing the divorce process between the two revealed to our privy source that the couple has been living separately for the past two months over cheating allegations.

The legal mind also revealed that Lulu Hassan does not need Rashid Abdallah anymore as he is a serial liar and loves to sleep around with young girls.

“Sikutaki kamwe, sasa uko na muda wote na unaweza shirika ngona na kila mwanamke unataka”, said Lulu to her husband.

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