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“Siamini umelala na Maria” -Drama as Lulu Hassan cries infront of Rashid Abdalla


Swahili News anchor Lulu Hassan caused a standstill on Friday afternoon at the Citizen tv stations after she was sent photographic evidence showing her husband Rashid Abdallah having sex with Yasmeen Said famously known Maria.

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The incident left workers in shock and disbelief hlas Lulu Hassan was seen sobbing uncontrollably infront of her husband.

Lulu Hassan seemed to have been shocked and could not control her emotions after she was sent a sextape of Rashid Abdallah and Maria having good time in a city hotel.

Sources next to the scene have revealed that Lulu Hassan was seen crying from her office and confronted her husband Rashid who was making a phone.

Drama escalated after Lulu Hassan knelt infront of her husband and continued to sobb like a small baby.

This is when she started to ask her husband endless questions on why he decided to cheat on her with Maria.

“Siamini umelala na Maria, nilikupenda Sana na umeuvunja mwoyo wangu sana”, said Lulu as she cried endlessly.

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