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Shock as Larry Madowo introduces male lover, says he is gay and will marry soon


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Former NTV news anchor Larry Madowo shocked many social media users after introducing his male lover identified as James Kin who he is planning to marry and settle down with.

Larry who is currently working as a BBC correspondent in the USA openly declared his sexuality as gay after years of speculation.

Madowo now claims that his new job position enabled him to relocate to America where he was able to freely practice his sexuality.

Speaking on his Instagram live, Larry said African countries do not allow the practice of homosexuality even though most people especially in Nairobi have started practising it.

The journalist claimed that since his childhood, he always had a strong affection towards the male gender and has never felt comfortable around ladies.

Larry said he found true love and he is ready to marry the 26-year-old African American man. Larry went ahead and revealed that the two have been together for the past 3 months and have also been staying in the same apartment during the same period as per the publication.

“I want you guys to meet my new lover. His name is James Kin. He and I are just a perfect match and we have been complimenting each since I knew him three months ago. He is my true happiness, and thanks to my new job here in the USA, I was able to explore my sexuality without any form of judgment. I would urge everyone to only settle for what makes them happy”, said Lary as reported by the publication.

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