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Shock and drama as musician Nameless bust his wife having sex with a watchman


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Drama ensued at the top Kenyan celebrity couple’s home, Nameless and Wahu, in Kitengela,after he busted her having sex with a watchman in their bedroom.

The incident which occurred today afternoon caused unbearable humiliation after the secular musician busted her wife, Wahu being banged by a watchman,hours after he had left home for shopping.

Source next to the incident have revealed that the watchman, Identified as John Wapukulu has been eyeing and banging the wife to the celebrated secular musician.

The couple who have been married for more than 10 years have caused stir online after the news of their cheating incident surfaced online.

Majority of netizens now lay blame on Nameless for sturving her wife sexually, promoting her to seek satisfaction from security men.

One of their twitter fan responded Nameless saying:-

Bro yaani unakuliwa wife na watchman kutoka Bungoma, enyewe umeangusha waluhya sana, up your bedroom skills and game.

Wahu has since not responded to the cheating allegations since her husband broke it on his Twitter account.

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