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Shilole and Rommy are getting married


Tanzanian Shilole musician by the real name Zena Yusuf Mohammed and her boyfriend Rajab Issa popularly known as Rommy3d who is a photographer are married.

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Shilole posted only one photo of the incident saying that they had finished safely and that she could now be called “Mrs Rajab Issa”.

The wedding was not widely advertised as a celebrity in Tanzania and has come at a time when Muslims including Shishi and Rommy are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

In January, in an interview with Zamaradi Mketema, the couple revealed that they would be getting married before the end of this year but the wedding took place sooner than many expected.

Rommy3d wore Shilole’s engagement ring at the end of last year at her birthday party after stripping her of the old one where Shilole burst into tears saying she had suffered a lot.

Later, rumors surfaced that Shilole bought the ring as Rommy3d could not afford it.

The official Shilole photographer said that he met Shilole about 11 years ago when he was an actor and he used to be a light bearer in the production of the film that Shilole was acting.

In 2009 Shilole and Rommy3d had a romantic relationship that lasted for one year. The relationship came to an end due to what they call the challenges of life.

The two have started a romantic relationship after Shilole divorced Uchebe who was abusing her while she was the one who was taking care of her.

Rommy3d is a photographer for the fledgling Shilole music company which he launched last year and has one artist by the name of Pablo Chill.

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