“Shida Yenu Nii Kufikiri Future Wives Ni Watu Tofauti Na Sisi : Says Maria Cast Dorea aka Dorea Chege


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If you are a lover of Swahili soaps, you must have watched Maggie in action.

Maggie better known as Dorea Chege is on of the supporting casts on Maria the Swahili soap opera airing on Citizen TV.

In one of her social media post of 3rdMonday, she uploaded her photo, which she captioned stating, “ Your problem is thinking that wife materials are different people from us, we are the ones.





A statement that has elicited varied opinions from a section of Internet users and Maria fans.

However, some of those commenting were admiring her, beauty, fashion, style and personality.

In person, Dorea aka Maggie is such a pretty soul and kind heart; she is bubbly, outgoing and somewhat conservative.

Over the years, Dorea aka Maggie has embraced remarkable growth both socially and personally.

Besides featuring on Maria Swahili TV drama, Maggie features in other motion series and doubles up as a model cum influencer.


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