She insulted me and slashed my salary – BENJI NDOLO exposes his boss at EBRU TV and threatens to sue her


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Benji used to host a show called My Government on the station but a few days ago, he was handed a letter terminating his contract.

The vocal political analyst has taken to social media to rant after he was shown the door.

He said that he resigned willingly and accused the station manager Anab Mohammed of mistreating her employees.

“I will no longer appear on @EbruTVKenyaI have made that decision, I vociferously defend my rights and those of others. Mrs. Anab Mohamed is a Greedy, Disrespectful, Exploitative manager who has no Integrity. She insulted me and cut my pay after I got Covid. See you in COURT!” Benji ranted.

Friday, 08 January 2021 – The year has started on a low note for Benji Ndolo after he lost his job at Ebru TV.

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